Tom reached out to me to help him plan his wedding proposal to his girlfriend and oh my gosh it was seriously just so much fun from beginning to end to plan. Planning a proposal can be super simple or as extravagant as you want it to be, but the key to it all is keeping it a secret and having a plan that will throw you partner off and have no idea what is to come. Charlotte thought they were walking to a fancy dinner reservation, and Tom steered her onto this cliff where I was waiting (seeming as though I was just hanging out) and then bam... he asked her. She had no idea, she was completely surprised and I LOVE how I was able to capture her genuine perfect reaction.

Before the proposal, we planned the location, he even snuck away to pick exactly where he wanted to do it, and facetimed me/ sent me videos so that we were both ready and so that she would have no idea. It just all fell into place so well and I'm so excited to have these beautiful images up on my blog.