Aloha! I'm Jasmyn!

I'm the lady behind the camera.

I am so excited that you are here!! A little bit about me! I live in Maui with my four amazing kids and my husband. We absolutely LOVE the island life and cannot imagine ourselves anywhere else but here. We have been in Maui for Five years now. We first moved from Las Vegas as a family of three and then ended up in Oahu as a family of four and now here we are!

I grew up in Las Vegas and that's where I learned everything I know about photography and story telling.

I graduated from UNLV with a bachelors degree in print journalism and media studies, all the while I took all the film photography classes I could. I originally wanted to be a photojournalist but the university didn't have that option for study, so I chose to learn everything photography from my art teachers and then I learned to write and tell stories from the journalism program. I really wanted to join the military and be a photographer but you never know where life will take you or what can cause your path to change. I had my oldest daughter Graye when I was still in college, and she was my sweet little model for all of my photography projects and shows, I didn't know at the time that she was the one to lead me all the way to where I am now and how I capture families. Before I graduated I got pregnant with my son Jude and walked up to get my diploma with my cap and gown and a huge belly.

At this point I was a mom and kind of just doing that, I photographed my kids but I didn't do anything professional with my art. Then, I applied to work for a wedding photography company in Las Vegas and that's when it all changed. I remembered how much I loved photography at this point. I met so many people, from coordinators in the small chapels, to how to use lighting in a studio, as well as how read kelvin and everything about white balance, and how to use a flash in a dark chapel. I learned how to shoot an entire wedding in 30 minutes and still make it beautiful. I learned how to sell images and make a living off of your art. I worked with some of the best photographers and people in the wedding business and learned so much from them.

And then.. Hawaii happened.. and here we are. Now I'm capturing beautiful families in Maui, like WHAT!! Maui is a dream come true for me. I never in a million years thought I would be here, creating a life with my kids and capturing peoples stories and love. I now have four children and I'm doing my dream job in Hawai'i. I'm pretty thankful. And if you got this far into reading I'm thankful to you!!

If something about my work or my story captured you in some way. I would love to tell your story! Please reach out! Lets make some magic.

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