An Adventure to Remember

You know when you just know you can be best friends with someone the moment you meet them? Or you at least you hope to be best friends with them the moment you meet them? Well this is how I felt about these two. Capturing them in some of my favorite places on the island, chatting and getting to know one another while we adventured was so much fun. We started in the morning and ended at sunset with their elopement where we came upon sudden rainfall right in the middle of their ceremony.

They say (I don't know who they are) that rainfall during your wedding is the best of luck. I really hope that's true. It was so fun to capture her in her boho style dress with rain water dripping from the ends of her hair. Rain dripping from both their happy faces as they secretly eloped on a cliff in Maui. Images that I am so excited to share within this blog today.

And then.... we met for their elopement....

And then.. the RAIN!!!