You know how you feel when you first get your wedding dress? You love it SO MUCH.. and then you feel a little sad that you will only wear it for like 8 hours?

Welllllll This is my gorgeous sister Pearl. She got married this year before the whole pandemic really hit the world.. and before the wedding she wanted photos of her in her dress. She just really wanted to wear it longer than just her wedding day.. and for a good reason. So we decided on photos during her bachelorette party in Vegas, kill two birds with one stone I guess is what they say.

We had this whole idea of going up to the mountains and doing some gorgeous photos there, maybe in the snow at sunset or something dreamy like that....

But then figured why not make it absolutely fun, I mean... we are in VEGAS!!!

Bring some some music.. try NOT to get the dress dirty, in dirty

Downtown Las Vegas.

It was seriously the best idea ever!! I'm from Vegas and these were my stomping grounds before I moved to Hawaii.. all the street art.. the dirty grimy feeling of a city that never sleeps, all the cool bars and strange people. The Colors! I'm not going to lie.. I missed the colors. It was so much fun. She rocked out!! My niece is also seen in the photos just loving every minute of our lovely photo idea. (I'm sure she talks about how fun it was still to this day.. right Ellie? haha)

We had a blast!!

I really loved capturing my sister you guys. She is F@#$%ING GORGEOUS!! Like perfect in every way, fun in every way and she also has a lot of crazy which makes for an amazing bridal session on the streets of our wonderful Downtown Las Vegas.

And sooo..... the images shall speak for themselves.


Location: Downtown Las Vegas

Dress by: Alta Moda Bridal

Photos by: Yours truly.. Jasmyn Marie Photography