When dreams come true. This is what happens.

If you told me when I was a kid that I would get to be an artist one day and make money to support myself and my family doing just that, I would have had huge heart eyes. I have always loved art. I would stick myself in my room and write poems and draw pictures. At night I would talk to myself and create families in my head and I would have dialog for each character. I have always loved creating. Even just laying in bed at night I would find shadows with faces and see animals or whatever shapes I could see. My mind has always been a blank canvas with colors splashed on whenever the moment arose.

I can't believe I am running around Maui capturing beautiful couples and families. Whatever dream you have, it can come true. If you fight for it, work hard for it, have your mindset on it all the time, it will come to fruition.

Dream.. and keep dreaming and never stop.


-Jasmyn 🤍