I love sunrise for families!

I just love how peaceful and free and open the beaches are at this time. I also feel like children tend to be in their best moods in the morning, and if you have snacks during the session that's even better. This family was so open to going wherever. I love it when families are open to a drive for a beautiful location. We chose the North Shore of Maui for this session at sunrise, and its perfect because this is the side that the sun comes up on so its just MAGIC. We also started out in nice outfits and then the kids just wanted to play in their suits, and honestly..

letting kids be free at my sessions is probably my favorite part of capturing families.

Maybe one or two posed photos but really, I just want to see their love for adventure and I want to see the love that surrounds these babes. That's the best kind of thing to capture. I mean yes.. there is still guidance and... oh stand here and do this.. or do more of this, kind of suggestions but really its a free flow way of photographing.