Just a little sunrise session with the sweetest little family. My dad was visiting when I did this session, so I dragged his butt out of bed and brought him with me for the hour drive up to this location to meet this adorable family.

This mama let me know ahead of time that she really wanted me to capture the love that her babies have for each other and she was so spot on with that love. They truly just wanted to hug and be near each other, it was the sweetest thing.

We also did a lot of wardrobe planning before this session, and as you can see it really came together with our whole vision. I love helping with wardrobe or throwing up suggestions. I want these photos to be hung on your walls for years to come and wardrobe has a lot to do with making that magic happen.

People ask me all the time if sunrise is a good time, and although waking up early and getting everyone ready can be a pain it really is just a beautiful time to photograph. There is literally no one out of on the beaches besides the surfers and its just peaceful as everything in nature is waking up for the day ahead. Its a great way to get your day started, and a great way for me to capture some magic as I start my own day.

I'm so happy to be back in my element of photographing beautiful families. Please keep your vacations going strong.