Embrace your beauty.

Sunrise photo session with my beautiful best friend Savannah. Its been awhile since I have really photographed anyone. 2020 has been a set back FOR SURE. So thankful we made this happen.. a piece of my soul was missing and it got to see the light again.

Savannah is a life coach/ adventure coach (who helps you identify your goals and develop an actionable plan to achieve them).

She quite her 9-5 job and has gone head first into building her business and choosing her life plan. She is inspiring, wise, and incredibly fun to be around. Just being her friend alone has given me strengths I didn't know I had. She is also an incredible artist in all aspects. Artists capturing artists... Oh the love I have for that.

This is Savannah.. raw.. embracing her beauty and just feeling the love upon herself and this amazing earthly goodness.

Enjoy the Raw and the Real.

Camera: Nikon D850 with Nikkor 105mm lens

You can check out Savannah Here