Whats in my camera bag?

Photography Gear

I have always kept my gear SUPER SIMPLE. You don't need all the fun things and a million cameras to make your art happen. Gear is expensive and most of us take forever to accumulate the gear we want.

I used one camera and one lens for years. It was easy and I still created magic for many couples and families.

Over the years I have slowly saved and accumulated the gear I have now. I still have a couple lens' that I would love to add on but for now I'll explain what I have and what situations I use this gear for (families and couples/weddings).

The Gear...

  1. Nikon D750- this camera is amazing. Its light weight, not too expensive (now that its a few years older) compared to other cameras and just shoots amazing images. I'm in love with this camera, and I LOVE using it to capture families with little ones. It also has wi-fi capabilities which is great if you want to do a quick edit on your phone and post. It has dual card slots for SD cards as well.
  2. Nikon D850 - This is a newer Nikon camera and although a little heavier than the D750 its seriously beautiful. This camera also has dual card slots for XQD and SD cards. I also like the touchscreen option on the Monitor. This camera also as Tracking Auto Focus which can be really great for little kids running around.
  3. Nikkor 50mm 1.8 Lens - I love this lens.. its the cheapest of the Nikkor lens' and in my opinion the most beautiful. I have had this lens for years and its great for any occasion that I'm shooting. I love this lens for getting up close and personal to my subjects. I definitely recommend this lens to people on a low budget that are trying to start their photography business.
  4. Nikkor 105mm 1.4 Lens - Wow.. what a lens!! This is the newest to the family. This lens is beautiful. Its a GREAT portrait lens and SUPER SHARP. I'll use this if I want to achieve that beautiful depth of field and really stay close up and focused on the subject.
  5. Nikkor 80-200mm 2.8 Lens - Oh this lens is a goodie. This is actually an old film lens I found on ebay (and if you didn't know.. all Nikon film lens' can also be used on Nikon Digital Cameras!). I love it and it was way cheaper than the 70-200mm 2.8 lens. I'll use this for weddings occasionally. Not used often but super fun to have when I need it.
  6. Nikon Speedlight SB-900 - This is a great flash. I use this for wedding receptions and try my best to either have it on my manfrotto light stand or I'll put it right on my camera and bounce the flash off of the ceiling or walls. I try my best to just use as much natural light as possible though.
  7. Nikon Lithium Ion Battery - I feel like three batteries is plenty for me... These batteries last forever too.
  8. LED Video Lighting - I love this... I'll put this on a stand and move the light around or maybe even use it as back lighting. Its nice to not always have a flash and to just see where you want the light on your subject. (I don't use this often, but for night weddings its great.)
  9. Leather Dual Camera Harness, Triple/Multi Camera Strap for Photographers- This harness makes it so easy for me to move quickly without having to change lenses or cameras. I definitely don't want to miss any amazing shots. This thing has been a game changer for me, especially when I'm using two cameras at a session. Find it here.
  10. Manfrotto Light Stand - I use this to have an off camera flash. This is great during night weddings and on the dance floor to capture those candid moments.

The Bag!

I got this bag from a company called Wandrd. I love this bag. I have had many camera bags and they all fall apart or zippers break... I wanted something that was nice and would hold up with that beach weather from rain to ocean spray. You get a lot of that shooting on the beach. This bag is great.. it fits all that I need during my sessions. It also holds my laptop for traveling and is waterproof but also has a rain cover.. Bam!! Great purchase. You can buy this bag here.

If you are a photographer and want to chat about anything business or photography related please reach out. I love connecting with people in the photo business as well as teaching what I know and learning from others.