Hana for the win!!

I started planning with this couple MONTHS before we actually met. Which was so wonderful. We had the chance to have some conversations on the phone.... figure out our timing.. our map (Jess literally drew her own map with a pen and paper lol, wish I had a photo of that thing).. hers and his outfits, and all during the midst of Covid. These two even rescheduled their session with me until Maui was back open again to make this all happen.


We met SUPER EARLY in the morning, I hoped in their convertible, (I don't know how Luke fit in that thing as he is like 10ft tall lol) and we drove the back way around Hana. Our first spot being a waterfall of course, a little over 4 miles of Jess hiking in that dress! And then we rocked it by the waterfall with tons of photos.

Lots of heat and sweat and spiders, but it was soo worth it!!

THEN we headed to the black sand beach. That place was a little rough since its such a small beach and their were a bunch of people around.. but we did our best and had a blast. And when you do Hana you have to know that at some point it is going to rain. We sat under some trees for about an hour waiting for the rain to stop, which added to our little adventure. We then drove the entire way back with the convertible top down, which made for some great hear later.. since I didn't have a hat. lol.

I AM SOOO excited to share these photos and I can't wait to photograph more couples in Hana!! WHOOP!