Could a photographer dream of anything cooler? This session was so beautifully planned and just happened so perfectly. These two beautiful souls got married on the same beach 10 years ago... and now with two sweet girls in tow they came back to renew it all over again and this time with more butterflies (they had butterflies at their wedding as well.)

I seriously feel so lucky sometimes that these amazing people/ families/ couples choose me to photograph them.

If you are reading this thank you so so so so much for choosing me Heather and Warren. The butterflies.. your sweet story... your beautiful babies. It was all so much fun and exciting in every way.

I really want to explain how the butterflies made it over here for this sweet little event!

The butterflies were ordered from Sharing the Butterfly Experience, based out of Oahu. This adorable company shipped them over to Maui in little tiny envelopes.. and the butterflies slept until their release. It was super magical watching the girls open the little envelopes. The butterflies even hung out for awhile as they got their bearings back before flying away. SO MUCH FUN and so magical to capture as a photographer.