Josh & Cassi .. A bit of Southern Love.

Oh the south. I can now say I have experienced a little bit of the south and can I say I fell in love with it. Besides the creepy little old house we stayed in (pretty sure it was haunted), I loved everything about it. The old graveyards, the green green hills, the quiet eerie feeling I kept getting, the low ceilings from a house that was built so long ago, I can keep going. And whats more.. I absolutely love this couple so much. Josh is a friend that used to capture weddings with me. I feel so blessed that he asked me to be there for this amazing day. I had a blast on this trip. There are so many pictures and it was so very hard to choose my favorites. Cassi is absolutely stunning, it was hard to get other angles when I just wanted her looking at the camera the whole time.  I hope you can see the essence of the love between these two amazing people. I hope I captured every ounce of it to share with the world because it truly is something to admire and strive for.  With that.. please enjoy this beautiful southern wedding. 

Greenville, South Carolina, Lindsey Plantation.

Josh will be shooting my wedding in July. I can't wait. :)