Josh & Cassi .. A bit of Southern Love.

Oh the south. I can now say I have experienced a little bit of the south and can I say I fell in love with it. Besides the creepy little old house we stayed in (pretty sure it was haunted), I loved everything about it. The old graveyards, the green green hills, the quiet eerie feeling I kept getting, the low ceilings from a house that was built so long ago, I can keep going. And whats more.. I absolutely love this couple so much. Josh is a friend that used to capture weddings with me. I feel so blessed that he asked me to be there for this amazing day. I had a blast on this trip. There are so many pictures and it was so very hard to choose my favorites. Cassi is absolutely stunning, it was hard to get other angles when I just wanted her looking at the camera the whole time.  I hope you can see the essence of the love between these two amazing people. I hope I captured every ounce of it to share with the world because it truly is something to admire and strive for.  With that.. please enjoy this beautiful southern wedding. 

Greenville, South Carolina, Lindsey Plantation.

Josh will be shooting my wedding in July. I can't wait. :) 

Melody & Ryan

Oh this wedding. This wedding my friends was a dream. Every single thing about it was so perfect. These two beautiful souls brought love together at every single angle. I feel so blessed to be the one that captured the grace of it all. Every smile, and every warm feeling. This is what weddings are about. This is how love is supposed to run free. Melody I love your spirit, your soul, your smile, and the soft air that surrounds you. Ryan will be that one to always let your spirit run free. His love will be embracing and strong. This is why I love what I do. I get to experience, embrace and capture the happiest moments of two peoples lives. And happiness my friends.. is what makes us live a lifetime. 

Melody & Ryan. 

Allie & Pasquale

I feel so honored to have been able to capture this amazing wedding. These two were more in love than I have seen in anyone in a very long time. There wedding was held at Springs Preserve in Las Vegas in November and the day was just perfect. They wanted Brittney and I to focus on images of mostly them. While most weddings we spend a great deal of time photographing family, these two knew it was their day, and they wanted it to be about them. It was perfect and they are just beautiful together. Thank you Allie and Pasquale for choosing me to photograph your perfect day. I love these images. 

Second Shooter, My amazing wonderful friend Brittney at Brittneybee Photography

With Love.

Jasmyn Marie

Rob + Iliki, an island wedding story.

Can I just say... that destination weddings might be my favorite thing right now.

Iliki and Rob were married in Hawaii on the island of Oahu. They were married on a some what secluded beach, away from the city and scramble of tourists. With blue waters, white sand, and black rocks lining the shore, their destination wedding was all it was supposed to be. On top of this, their reception over looked the ocean as well as clouded mountains with gushing greenery. 

As the ceremony began a circle of clouds surrounded them creating beautiful lighting. If you are a photographer and are reading this, you know how wonderful that sounds. 

This wedding was just absolutely gorgeous, so well planned and I felt so welcome from the moment I arrived. I wasn't just invited as their photographer, I was invited as a friend and guest. I took my fiance with me and we traveled the beaches, explored the island, snorkeled and took in the perfection. 

I have often heard that when it rains on your wedding day, its considered a blessing, and this is exactly what the Hawaiian locals believe. Well this lucky couple got to experience that blessing. It poured and poured and they danced and danced in the rain. They didn't care, they sprayed champagne, laughed, loved, and kissed over and over again. I felt so unbelievably blessed to be apart of this wedding. I know their love will continue to flourish. Thanks Rob and Iliki for letting me join in on the fun. I will always and forever remember this amazing trip. 


Jasmyn Marie.