Muay Thai

Sometimes, as we grow, we change. We learn, we learn to love differently, we see things that at one point seemed so small, but now have become so big and surrounding. I can't describe my journey too much because I still don't understand where my path is leading me. At times confusion sets in, anger even, but mostly I smile through it all. I'm taking each step and letting my feet sink in. I'm letting the air wisp past me as I take in its deep breath. Sometimes I close my eyes and I just listen, and then other times, I run as fast as I can and I close my eyes and try to escape the fear of falling. I have passed my own tests every single time. I have this one life. This one life to take in and remember every moment. I have missed moments, and other moments have stayed with me. I love this one life that I was given. My journey is a beautiful one. I am 30 years into it but sometimes I feel like its just beginning. With that.. I am sharing with you the beginning of one of my journeys, one that I have fallen for, one that I have fallen deep for, and have been consumed by, embraced by and maybe even chosen for..... The world of Muay Thai....

This is my new journey.... natural light, captured in black and white and a little bit of color for the soul.  My story of two teammates as they journeyed into a world of competition, weight cutting, training, bruises, loses, and wins, and fighting for what they both crave, for what they both themselves are exploring, creating, and living for. I know that there are many purposes for me in this life, but I for sure know of one, and that is to love, and to capture and to remember stories.... so... that is what I did. 

Jasmyn Marie.

There is one thing I must end this with, we cannot get anywhere in life without a little push from the people around us, the people that love us and fight for us, and tell us to keep going, even if its just a tiny push. But without you, Lyle. My coach, our coach.. we would be no where. Without you, this part of my story would be a book of blank pages. So... Thank you.