Not the ONLY ONE.....

Sometimes as a mom, I feel, and I’m sure I’m not the only one that ever feels this way, but I feel like

I’m the ONLY ONE.

I feel like my kids are probably the only ones that don’t listen, or I’m the only one that really hates making dinner every night, or the only one that lives in Maui that stays home too often, or I’m the only one that needs to be a better mom.. so on and on and on.

Boy with blonde streaks at the beach in Maui

But this is what we do right? We constantly put ourselves down? We constantly say we are the ONLY ONE’S this is happening too. I mean I know I’m not the only one but I have to remind myself of that sometimes and it’s nice seeing other moms at the store yelling or holding a screaming toddler.. all I want to say to them is it’s OKAY.. you are not alone. Why does motherhood feel so lonely sometimes? I constantly have to check myself on this. I saw a mom at the beach yelling at her 10 or 11 year old and he told her ‘no’… she looked at him and said,

“If you don’t get the F*&$ out of that water I’m going to beat your a$$.”

People were kind of shocked, but not me. I was impressed, actually happy that this mom did what she needed to do, her kid said NO. Kids shouldn’t say no EVER when asked to do something. We each handle situations in our own way.. BUT at the end of the day we are never alone. And seeing this mom made me feel so far from alone. I am not the ONLY ONE, and neither are you.

kids on the beach in Maui