Something about Waimea....

I can't even tell you how amazing and fun this session was. I love this beach, for probably as many reasons as to why everyone else loves this beach. We started our session a little before Sunset and I really got a taste of all the different kinds of light this beach was throwing my way. I played a lot with everything the day was giving me and I'm so happy with every little bit of what came through my lens. 

Since moving to the island I have been challenging myself a bit and trying to find my way here, trying to find the "correct" path for myself. I sometimes seek out other photographers work and I start to think.. oh gosh maybe I should do more of that, maybe I'm not doing this right, maybe I need to edit way more this way or that way. These kinds of thoughts truly haunt me sometimes. But then.. I have a session like this and I really take a step back and acknowledge that this is me. This way, everything that you see in these images, they are who and what I am. The colors, the dramatics, the love. I can't change me. I don't want to change me. I want reality to pop through the lens, I want true beauty to come through. I truly love each and every session that I do especially here in Hawaii, because every time I learn something new about myself, and I create something new each time within myself. I believe step one of discovering me happened on this day... and I'll continue everyday with what else I know I have in me. 

Waimea Bay, Calaigh, Sterling, and Brighten