Aoi visits Hawaii

Welcome to Hawaii. I keep telling myself this because sometimes I feel as though it isn't real. You are here. You made it! Your dream actually is a reality. Your everyday weekend experiences can be lifetime experiences, and these will be the best memories. 

I'm so excited to be here. Last week I photographed for the first time since moving here. It was wild and wonderful. This wonderful family is from Japan, they were visiting Oahu for a week and wanted family photos with their baby who is about to turn one.

I have learned one thing about babies, it doesn't matter what language they will speak later in life, or which country they are from, or what their parents do, or even how there parents are. All babies are just babies. They understand a smile, they understand love, they understand comfort. They get grouchy when they are tired, when they are hungry. Its when we grow up that we stop understanding everything. Life becomes not so simple. But for a baby.... everything is simple. So with that... meet Aoi.