Oh this girl!! I met this wonderful lady in the mist of my college career. Back when the art studios had full photo labs, with dark rooms and chemicals galore. We had our critiques together we developed our film and talked as we agitated our prints in developer.

I of course already had one baby at that time and was pregnant with another, but she was engaged. Happy, young and engaged. Time goes by so fast.

We both graduated and she had her first baby while I continuously stalked her photos on facebook. When she asked me to do her maternity photos I was thrilled. A photographer requesting services of another photographer.

I have to admit, I was nervous photographing her, she knows all the tricks of the trade. It ended up being a wonderful and super fun shoot. We went in and out of the rain, and spent some time under a huge tree to protect my camera equipment. I'm so very excited to share the rest of these photos with everyone.

Love you Alicia. You are the most gorgeous pregnant woman!! I can't wait to see that baby girl. 

always happy!

jasmyn marie