Missy, the baby wearing journey

I love it when I am walking around town and I see a ton of mothers with their children, and we always just smile at each other and we smile at each others children. We don't know each other and we will probably never see each other again but just that one smile has created a connection that already existed and that connection is that we are both mothers and we all understand each other. We all have hard days, we all have easy days, and we all love our children more than we could ever begin to express in words. We all wish they would stay little forever and we all wish some of the most adorable moments would last forever, and we will all cry when they enter kindergarten or high school, or graduate from college. (well at least I know I will) 

But for now, we get to watch them be little and explore and develop little personalities. I believe that it is by far one of the best and more cherished gifts any single person can ever receive. 

Here is a little look into Missy's life as a new mother with 3 month old Cora....