Addie and Nedy

Sometimes I wish I could escape the city that I live in and wonder into gardens where upside down trees grow with their roots facing the sun (these really exist). I wish I could easily say, meet me at the ocean so we can cool our blistering feet, or climb this mountain with me so that we can skip rocks in this lake. But unfortunately those are only my thoughts and wishes and I must make best of the environment that was given to me, and I must say, I am sometimes proud of myself because its not always the surroundings that make people happy its the people that make people happy. 

It didn't matter if I was in a forest or on the beach, these two little girls created this beauty. They smiled, they laughed, they listened so well, and in the end I made three new friends (including mom). How awesome is that? I would have to say, pretty awesome. Take a step into my life and see what I see...... Meet my new friends... Addie and Kennedy. 

sweet smiles and happy thoughts.

Jasmyn Marie.