Tobin's Birth Story

I am still so excited about this post. My dear friend Leslie asked me to be in the room with her when Tobin made his way into this world. I have wanted to photograph a birth story for years now, but I never got the chance, and I really didn't even know how to get my foot into so many closed doors. Its such a private moment for a soon to be mother, things happen that you don't want the whole world to see or know, so the thought of having a photographer in your room during a time like this is sometimes a definite 'NO.' But sometimes... like this occasion.. it was a definite 'YES!! PLEASE.' I was so over the top excited that I was going to be apart of capturing this amazing adventure in both Leslie and Jacob's lives.

Their first baby, their first little boy!! And I will get to be the one to capture it all. I didn't know how I was going to do it, but I knew I would figure it out, even if I had to leave my kids in the car! (just kidding I would never do that!) I also didn't know what to expect. Every woman is different and every labor and delivery is never what you expect it to be. I kept my phone near me... after watching Leslie go through her whole 9 months of pregnancy, and also getting the opportunity to photograph her maternity session.. I was READY!! I know she was too!!.... So.. HERE is her story (shortened of course, and in my words via Leslie).....

Leslie started mild contractions two nights before Tobin was born. They went to the hospital at 2:30 am with a false alarm, came home and slept and the next day tried to keep busy all the while feeling more mild contractions. She texted me all through out the day to keep me updated, I WAS NOT going to miss this moment. 

At 2:00 pm her water broke and she headed right to the hospital. She panicked a little because when she arrived the hospital did not have a room to put her in. After a little while they finally got her a room, and just in time because this is when her painful contractions started coming on. I don't think she knew how painful those suckers were going to be. She begged and begged the nurse for an epidural, getting absolutely no relief from one contraction to the next. 

I watched her and truly wanted to cry for her, each contraction was so painful, her face tells the whole story. Leslie is one of the strongest women that I know and she couldn't help but cry through each one, her husband almost helpless by her side. He did do what he could though... he had jokes upon jokes and lightened the atmosphere for Leslie, it was amazing watching the deep love between them. Even with the pain she was still able to smile at him.

I got to the hospital at 4:00 pm with my camera in the ready position! She was dilated to a 2 with contractions only 2 minutes apart, I was sure this was going to be a fast labor. She finally got her epidural at 7:00 pm with much relief. She was definitely much happier after that. 

After receiving her epidural her labor slowed down just a little bit. She had a few moments of sickness that actually helped dilate her to 9.5 cm. But poor little guy was stuck behind her pubic bone. She started pushing at about 3:00 am to dry to get little Tobin to drop more. After about 3 hours of pushing their was no progress.... and.. this is when I (the photographer who wanted to capture the whole thing so bad) had to leave. I have three kids of my own and one of them needed to be at school. It was such a sad moment for me. I waited so long and in the end.. I had no ending. 

I left the hospital at 6:30 am and Mr. Tobin decided to make his debut at 9:01am!! He was 8lbs 5oz and 22 inches long. He was 100 percent healthy even with the fact that he had pooped inside. :) He came out screaming with happy pink lungs!! YAY.... BUT.. I have no photos of him popping out. Instead.. I have these.....

Welcome to this world Tobin Lee 

If you are interested in having your birth story captured, please contact me for more information. :) Although long, and exhausting.. it was sooooo worth every second. I am so thankful that Leslie and Jacob let me step into such a wonderful captivating experience. Love you guys.