Katie and Ireland, a babywearing journey...

There is nothing more beautiful to me then seeing a mother with her child. I truly believe that some woman were put on this earth to teach, care, love, and pass on great knowledge. My mother being one of those women. She passed on her beauty and wisdom and most of all the ability to love and to teach love to all of her children. We each took a piece of her huge heart and we are spreading that to not only our children but to people we pass by every single day. Sometimes I feel like I'm a wildflower, my children little seeds. 

I decided to start this photo project a few months ago.. I have been gathering the thoughts and mixing them around in my head, and I am now ready to share the beauty and love that I have captured in my photographs, and in my mind, with not only my children, but the whole world.  There are so many beautiful moments between a mother and a child. Moments that should be shared with other mothers, moments that can tell a long and beautiful story. 

Katie and her daughter Ireland are my first for the babywearing project. I wanted to express the love that a mother has for her child, the beauty that takes place when your baby is near you. I wanted to feel what she felt when she held her baby close as I photographed the moments. I must say, I felt it all.. from tears to smiles to warmth and just pure happiness. Everything came together at this moment, it joined forces and spread their love for each other to everything around them. I feel honored  that I was there to see, hear and capture it all. 

If you are interested in becoming a part of the babywearing project please email me at info@jasmynmarie.com It does not matter what type of carrier you have, as long as you keep your baby close. :)