Red Balloons for Ryan. A photo Mini Session.

The story of Ryan is unbelievably sad. When I heard what had happened I probably looked at his moms instagram a million times. He was so beautiful. Every single little part of him. Although I don't know the family, my heart was broken for them. I couldn't even imagine the pain they were feeling. Loosing a child is by far the worst fear any mother has, we don't even like to go there, the thoughts are painful on their own. 

I noticed the instagram community was stepping up and helping this family through this hard time. People put on auctions to raise money for them, talents were going far and wide to raise any amount for this poor families lose. I wanted to do something, I didn't know what, I don't know how to sew or make anything of value, but I do have one gift, and that's photography. So I decided to use it. 

Thanks to my dear friend Katie who helped me put this all together and to the Wooden Trunk who donated furniture for the event and to all the people who booked a session, you guys all made it come to life, and even though its not much, we were able to help this family in some small way. Cheers to you all and a big huge Thank you. Now... enjoy the photos!! 

And........... cheers to a great day, a great cause, and to everyone who came out. 

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