Baby Wearing Project.

This post is for all my favorite mommies out there that fully support baby wearing. I have decided to start a project with volunteering mommies in Las Vegas who wear their babies proudly and beautifully. I have three children and I wish I would have discovered how wonderful baby wearing is with my first two. I wear my 14 month old everywhere we go. Our hearts are bonded and I can constantly breath in his fresh baby smell. He feels free to run because he knows that I will always be on hand to keep him close when he needs me. 

A few of my wonderful friends captured some beautiful moments of me wearing my baby. Moments that I will hang on to forever and always smile when I look back. I have been dreaming and thinking about starting this project and I feel as though now is the time. The air is fresh and the sun and wind are ready for us.

If you would like to be a part of this project please email me. It doesn't matter which sling or carrier you own I want to photograph you and your baby or babies. I want to hear in your words why baby wearing is so special to you. I want to hear about your bonding moments, and the love you feel every time you hold your baby. 

email me at to be apart of this beautiful project. 

Photos captured by ashleymarie photography and donata braun photography